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Private Plates Are A Fantastic Gift To Yourself Or For A Loved One - We Care Because You Do

Private plates for sale are a terrific idea as a present for someone you love. The time and money you invest in picking out a registration number that reflects their personality, their hobbies or even their business interests makes it a present that can show just how much you care. You do need to be careful of a number of aspects, though. You will want to be sure that you are not paying more than you should for a private number plates sale. You also need to know that the process of buying and using your chosen number plate adheres to all the appropriate legal requirements, so there are no problems further down the line for you or the person you are buying for. Finally, it is important that you actually understand what you are buying and what your responsibilities are now and in the future so you don't risk losing it.

You'll Find The Best Prices For Cheap Personalised Number Plates At Personal Numbers

Our primary focus is on supplying a personal service to each of our customers at all stages of the purchasing process. We are not here simply to churn out cheap personalised number plates without taking our customers' needs into account. We are genuinely interested in supplying a top quality service that will ensure that you use us again in future if the need arises. That is why we have worked to build up a reputation as a trusted seller by investing heavily in the latest technology to help you search for the private plates for sale UK you want. We also put a great deal of time and effort into recruiting and training our staff, none of whom will give you the hard sell. They all have expertise in the number plate industry and are trained to ensure that you find the right private plates at a price that suits you.

To start looking through the private plates for sale to suit your requirements, you can use any one of the three search facilities on our website. In the first, enter the combination of letters and numbers you'd like and we'll show you what is available. The second gives you the option of running a quick search - you'll find this on every page of our website. The third option gives you the opportunity to search the private car number plates for sale by theme. Interested in football? Looking for a plate that will help with marketing for your business? Try this search to see what's out there. Our database is updated daily, constantly refreshed with the latest plates available on the market. If you don't spot what you're looking for right away, do keep checking back or speak to us and we will see if we can suggest an alternative that fits the bill.

We are pleased to feature a number of genuine testimonials from recent customers on our website to illustrate the level and quality of customer service we offer to each individual who comes to us. However, we want you to have every confidence in the services we supply. To give you peace of mind, it may help to know that we are one of the very few dealers of private car plates for sale to be approved members of the Cherished Numbers Dealers Association. To meet their standards, we have put in place rigorous controls to govern our processes. We are also affiliated to the RMI, the Retail Motor Industry Federation, which monitors and upholds high standards on behalf of all customers of the motor trade. Furthermore, we are an approved dealer of number plates for the DVLA, so you know all your legal concerns will be taken care of when you buy from us.

The testimonials on our website from genuine customers speak for themselves. However, we understand you may still have questions. Of course, we are more than happy to help. It's easy to get in touch and talk to one of our dedicated, fully trained team any time. You can email us with your query at sales@personalnumbers.com. If you would like quick, on the spot advice, why not try our live chat facility, where an expert will be pleased to talk you through your options? Or if you want to discuss any aspect of our service, have a complicated query or just prefer talking to a real person, you can ring us during office hours on 0203 370 0000. With a choice of over 30 million private plates for sale, you are sure to find what you are looking for when you come to Personal Numbers, the UK's number one cherished plates dealer.

Additional Information

Why would anybody want to buy the private plates for sale on the market today? Your number plate is not just a way of identifying your vehicle, it can also be a uniquely personal touch that can demonstrate your character or your lifestyle. It might tell people the kinds of things you are interested in; or be a terrific advertising opportunity for your own business. A personalised number plate is eye-catching and will make you and your vehicle stand out from the crowd. It can enhance the look and also the value of a sports or classic car, and even just raise a smile or a second glance from passers-by. Picking the right personalised number plate may be an investment in the longer term in case you ever choose to sell private number plate you have, as certain combinations can increase in value year after year. And these are just some of the many reasons why thousands of people buy them each year.

However, whatever the reason you're buying your cheap personalised number plate, it's worth bearing in mind that the vehicle registration system isn't there for fun! It was introduced following the Motor Car Act of 1903. This Act required all motor vehicles to be recorded on an official vehicle register and to display number plates. The purpose behind the law was then, as it is nowadays, to enable cars and other road vehicles to be easily traced if they were involved in a collision or if the occupants of a vehicle were seen to be committing a criminal act. So it's not as simple as simply creating your own personal licence plate and fixing it to your own car. There are particular regulations laid down by law which have the purpose of protecting motorists and others around them from harm, both when you buy and when you utilise your personalised number plate.

The first thing to remember when you are buying private plates for sale is that you aren't buying a physical licence plate but the right to allot that number to almost any vehicle and display it on that vehicle's number plates. You may also opt to keep the sequence of numbers or letters you purchase for future use, but the ownership of the registration done belongs to the government. This is why the purchase of any new or reassigned number must be registered through the DVLA. When you get a brand new registration plate, if you choose a reputable company to handle your purchase, they'll more often than not assist you with all the paperwork side to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. Generally speaking, the process is split into three separate phases. Firstly, you look on the internet to find the number you want.

When the DVLA creates new private plates for sale twice each year, it produces new mixtures of letters and numbers which can appear very much like common names and words. Additionally, there are existing plates from the 1960s to the present day which either begin or end with a set letter, depending on the year of issue. Lastly, there are so-called cherished number plates. These are dateless registration marks that were issued before 1963 and don't necessarily follow the same inflexible format as modern plates do. There are, consequently, literally countless options to select from. When selecting your own personalised number plate for a car you already possess, you ought to know that there are a few restrictions. This especially applies where the personalised registration number you are interested in has what is called an age identifier, put simply, a sequence of letters or numbers that's intended to reveal at a glance how old the car is.

This numbering system was introduced in Great Britain in 2001. In real terms, this means you cannot put new number plates on an older automobile. For instance if you purchase a licence plate with a 62 current style registration, it can only go on a vehicle that was first registered as new on or after 1 September 2012. This is to avoid deceiving others about the actual age of the vehicle. It's worth bearing in mind this restriction as it could be a costly error to make. Once you have bought your licence plate, you get a certificate of entitlement as proof that you may utilise this number. The next step is to assign it to a specific vehicle, whether that vehicle is your own or it belongs to someone else. Finally, you need to get the number plate made up with your registration details.

There are certain legal requirements that licence plates must follow in order to comply with UK legislation. Included in these are elements like the size of the plate and using the right typeface. Additionally, there are guidelines about the way they're formatted and how they have to be displayed - a motorcycle, for example, may use a narrower plate and most number plates for just about any vehicle should identify the country of registration. It's therefore crucial to be certain you employ a trustworthy supplier when it comes to getting the new licence plate made up, so you don't fall foul of the law or find you have wasted your cash by purchasing something that you will later have to pay again to alter. The vehicle the private plates for sale will be going on must also be registered, or be about to be registered, in the UK, in either your name or the name of your nominee.

A lot of people believe you must have a car before you can buy number plates, yet this is not the case. You don't have to assign a personalised number to any vehicle right away. However, you should be aware that whether your registration is held under a certificate of entitlement (a form V750) or a certificate of retention (form V778), both have a duration of just one year, after which they need to be renewed through the DVLA or you'll lose the right to assign that number to a vehicle. Either form may be renewed for as many as three years at a time for a small charge, and can be renewed as many times as you want, but you must do this or risk losing your right to own the number. It's worth being conscious of these facts if you're purchasing your personalised number plate to retain for future use or as an investment.

In general, there is a lot of flexibility to be had if you are picking personalised plates for sale, whether you want to keep them for yourself or are proposing to give them to another person as a present. They can be a good way to show off your individualism and can provide lots of enjoyment. But it is vital that you conform to the guidelines set down in law, otherwise you could be wasting your time and money. One of the ways to make certain you do not fall foul of the legal complexities is to pick a reputable company with an excellent track record to act as an agent when purchasing your brand new registration plate. This type of firm will carry out all the hard work for you, such as dealing with the negotiations and paperwork and fulfilling the demands of the DVLA concerning private plates for sale. This will leave you free to savour all that's great about having personalised number plates while somebody else handles the tedious technical details that will keep you on the right side of the law!