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At Personalnumbers.com, we know what busy lives our customers lead. This is why we take the hassle and stress out of the buying or selling process by leading you through every step and taking away all of the hard work from you. Many people don’t realise that a personalised licence number can be purchased without a car. You can keep your certificate until you have a car to use it on. This can make it a perfect gift for a learner, giving the added incentive to pass that all important driving test.

All you have to do is decide what registration you would like, choose an acrylic plate and we’ll do the rest. You can then get on with your life and wait for us to send your licence plate and paperwork. We’ll even deal with the DVLA for you, meaning that the personalised licence plate of your dreams is literally only a few clicks away. 

Follow these three simple steps and you’ll be driving around with your new registration in no time…


1. Step One 

We have three fantastic search tools that make searching fast and easy. The search tool on the home page allows you to enter your desired letters and numbers and gives you an instant response on what is available. There is also as a quick search facility at the top of every page as well as a themed search on the right hand side of each page. Once you’ve chosen your personalised licence number, you’re just a couple of clicks away from that licence plate you always dreamed of.


2. Step Two 

It is important that you check the licence plate can be legally transferred to your vehicle. A quick rule of thumb is the plate must be the same age or older than the car. For instance, if you’re buying a ‘54’ plate, the car must be 54,05,55,06 registered etc. You cannot represent a car as being younger than it is with a newer licence plate, so the same plate on a car registered in the years of 04,53,02,Y or X registered cars would be illegal. Once you’re sure your desired licence number is appropriate, you’re one step away!


3. Step Three 

All there is left to do is click the ‘Buy Now’ icon and our secure purchasing system will take you through the payment process with the minimum of fuss. We understand that many people will prefer to speak to an advisor when making such an important decision, so purchases can also be made over the phone with one of our specialist advisors. We’ll talk you through every stage of the process can and run you through your options of acrylic number plate styles. 

Purchasing online will give you the opportunity to see a mock-up of your new personalised licence plate in all its glory! If you’d prefer to purchase over the phone, we’ll fully explain each style of plate with you. Then all you have to do is boast to all your friends and family, while we sort the boring stuff out like dealing with the transfer and the DVLA.



If you need to get the best price possible for your existing personalised licence number, you can rest assured that we are here to help you.

All you need to do is click the ‘Sell’ link on the top of any page and fill out the enquiry form. We’ll need a little information from you including your residential details and some basic details of both the licence number and the car it registers.