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  • 2 White Caps
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  • 2 Black Caps
  • 4 Screws

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Description Price VAT Total
Base Price £80,745.00 n/a £80,745.00
D.O.T Fee £80 n/a £80
Acrylics £19.95 £3.99 £23.94
Standard Delivery £2.95 £0.59 £3.54
Total Amount     £80,852.48

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Name of the Registered Keeper of the vehicle that 1 DUB is to be transferred to. This must be entered exactly as it appears on the Registration Document (V5C).
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This must be entered exactly as it appears on the Registration Document (V5C).
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I require 1 DUB on a certificate of entitlement for assignment to a vehicle before 21-05-2028.
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I wish to use the PersonalNumbers.com's fully managed transfer service to assign 1 DUB to a vehicle immediately (£19.95).

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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all business transactions carried out by PersonalNumbers.com. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  1. All registrations are sold subject to availability, PersonalNumbers.com cannot be held responsible for a registration that ceases to be available for whatever reason. In such cases any payment made by the purchaser will be refunded in full, provided the failure is through no fault of the purchaser. PersonalNumbers.com's liability is strictly limited to a refund only, no claims for damages, interest or expenses will be accepted.
  2. Any deposit taken to reserve a registration is non-refundable unless we fail to secure or transfer your registration at no blame to yourself. It is the customers responsibility to supply all documents requested within 4 weeks of purchase. If you cannot supply your vehicle documents in this timescale please call to discuss before purchasing. Any outstanding balance must also be paid within 4 weeks, or in some circumstances within 2 weeks of the agreed sale - this will be confirmed in writing.
  3. When a part payment has been taken, any balances due when paid on a credit card will be subject to a 2% handling fee. Debit cards are not subject to any handling fees.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all the correct details are entered onto PersonalNumbers.com's internet forms and submitted. A PersonalNumbers.com representative shall use standard phonetics to refer to combinations requested by the purchaser. Incorrect nominee names will incur a charge of £50 to correct.
  5. Under the Distance Selling Regulations PersonalNumbers.com will notify you that our service begins as soon as a registration is reserved on your behalf, therefore there is no cooling off period, the transaction cannot be reversed or cancelled and no refund will be offered or be available under any circumstances.
  6. Registration numbers must be displayed correctly. To miss-space or miss-represent your letters and numbers in a way is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971. Subsequently all registration marks sold by the Company are sold on the understanding that they will be displayed in accordance with Section 17 of the Road Vehicles Regulations Act 1971. PersonalNumbers.com do not in anyway endorse the use of 'Show Plates' which are not road legal. PersonalNumbers.com will not honour any claim made by a purchaser displaying 'show plates' on their vehicle. A 'show plate' is defined as a registration plate made up that displays characters not correctly spaced.
  7. PersonalNumbers.com accept no responsibility with regard to the expiry of Retention Certificates or Certificates of Entitlement that are supplied to you the purchaser. We will endeavour to give notification where possible and will give assistance in certificate extension so long as a £75.00 fee is paid to PersonalNumbers.com. A 'Nominee' named on a Retention Certificate/Certificate of Entitlement has no legal ownership of the registration mark until it is assigned to their vehicle.
  8. All transfers will be carried out as quickly as possible; we cannot guarantee specific times for completed transfers. We cannot be held responsible for postal delay, DVLA delays or any other unforeseen circumstances. We aim to have your retention certificate delivered to you within 21 days, however in some special cases a registration mark may take up to 13 weeks to transfer from a donor vehicle (this is usually the case for registrations that are on donor vehicles that are without a valid MOT - and the time needed to prepare a vehicle for a MOT Test)
  9. In some circumstances, we may need to transfer your chosen registration directly to your vehicle, instead of supplying you with a Retention Certificate/Certificate of Entitlement. This will usually be the case when the registration being purchased is being sold on behalf of an agency/commission sale where the registration is still held on the donors car. We will advise of this procedure if it arises. PersonalNumbers.com will carry out all of the transfer paperwork involved.
  10. All registrations are subject to the Department of Transport transfer fee and most are subject to VAT at the current government rate.
  11. Your new registration should not be displayed until you are in receipt of your new V5C Registration Document and the transfer has been successfully processed. It is your responsibility to display the registration in accordance with current government regulations.
  12. Registrations cannot be purchased/used to make a vehicle look younger than it actually is. You can make your vehicle look as old as you wish. If you purchase a registration that is too new for your current vehicle PersonalNumbers.com accept no responsibility and will offer no refund or exchange. For example, you cannot put a 'X' prefix registration on an 'L' plate registered vehicle. Any doubts, enquire before purchasing.
  13. Our computer database has millions of registration numbers online. We endeavour to show correct prices but in the event of errors no money will be taken or accepted without prior consultation with the customer. In these circumstances the sale will not proceed.
  14. PersonalNumbers.com is a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS). Registration number 47897. When a set of number plates is ordered without purchasing a cherished number we will request proof of address and entitlement to the registration number. Number plates ordered cannot be cancelled or changed after the time of ordering as these are custom made and mistakes cannot be rectified at a later date. We endeavour to deliver a set of number plates within 7 working days.
  15. E&OE – PersonalNumbers.com Limited has made every feasible effort to ensure that the data on this site is completely accurate. However by entering this site you agree that neither PersonalNumbers.com Limited, nor any other person involved in creating or providing this site shall be liable for any indirect or consequential damage arising from the use of any information contained in the site. Errors can and do occur and in any event, a full refund of any money paid to PersonalNumbers.com Limited shall be final for any failure to supply the product(s) requested.
  16. By registering your details with PersonalNumbers.com you are granting us permission to contact you for the purpose of marketing our company, until you specifically request to be removed from our mailing database. This covers email addresses supplied when signing up for our newsletter, requesting a valuation or purchasing a registration.
We follow a strict complaints procedure and two Codes of Practice. As members of the CNDA and RMI, we can offer use of an Independent Conciliation and Arbitration process.
The Codes of Practice for both CNDA and RMI can be found here: http://www.cnda.co.uk

The RMI can be contacted directly via:
RMI Cherished Numbers Dealers Association
201 Great Portland Street,