The Most Expensive Private Number Plates UK For Sale

Private Number Plates UK For Sale
Private number plates UK for sale are getting cheaper by the year, with plates now available for a small double figure sum. This has made them affordable to all. However, over the years we have seen number plates sold at extortionate rates, and in this post we are going to take a look at five of the most expensive.

5. ‘M 1’ – The plate ‘M 1’ was purchased in 2006 for the sum of £331,000. Mike McCoomb, a mobile phone businessman, bought it. However, the most shocking thing is that he claimed the plate was for his son, who was six years old at the time.

4. ‘1 D’ – A lot of people look for private plates for sale as a tribute to their favourite pop bands and musicians, and we just hope that Warwickshire-based Lebanese businessman, Nabil Bishara, is a fan of One Direction, as he bought the plate a year before they formed for £352,000.

3. ‘S 1’ – The stories keep getting more fascinating as we dig deeper into some of the most expensive number plates. ‘S 1’ was bought by an anonymous bidder in 2008 for £404,000 and it is claimed to be Scotland’s first ever number plate. What’s more surprising is that the bidder claimed he would be fixing the plate to an old Skoda.

2. ‘F 1’ – Bradford businessman, Afzal Khan, bought the initials of Formula 1 for his private plate in 2008, which were then fixed to his McLaren-Mercedes SLR. This set Khan back £440,000.

1. ’25 O’ – Taking the top stop is ‘25 O’, a plate that was purchased last year by John Collins, a Ferrari dealer. It is believed that the plate has been assigned to a Ferrari 250SWB that used to be owned by Eric Clapton and is now worth approximately £10m.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sell your house to afford the private number plates UK for sale today, as there is something for all budgets, but it’s certainly fascinating to discover what the most valuable plates are.