The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying The Cheapest Personal Number Plates

Cheapest Personal Number Plates

If you are looking for the cheapest personal number plates, you are in luck, as plates are not as pricey as they once were. You can now own a personalised plate for as little as £50. However, you still need to approach the purchasing process carefully to ensure you end up with the perfect plate for you. Here are the dos and don’ts:

• Don’t place a personalised plate on a Q plate – If you have a Q plate, unfortunately, there is no point looking for private plates for sale. If you have a tax exempt status, you must abide by the special regulations that are in place by the DVLA, and thus you cannot place a personalised plate over the top of a car with a Q prefix.

• Do stick with your budget – It is vital to recognise that there are number plates to suit all budgets nowadays. You may have to compromise slightly on your plate style, yet you will find something within your price range.

• No more fees – As of 9 March 2015 – all fees related to adding / amending a nominee for all personalised licence plates have been revoked.

• Do pick a style that fits with you or your car’s personality – When searching for cheap personalised number plates, it is important to find something you are going to love just as much in ten years time as you do now.

• Don’t limit your options – If you have one perfect personalised plate idea in mind, you’re likely to be disappointed. A single owner has the option of renewing the plate for as long as they like, so you could find yourself waiting for a long time.

To conclude, these are the five dos and don’ts you should consider when it comes to searching for the cheapest personal number plates. Follow these tips and the purchasing process should be a lot easier.