Cheap Personalised Number Plates UK – True Facts You Have To Know

Cheap Personalised Number Plates UKIn the UK, placing personalised number plates in vehicles is now a common thing to do. With the widespread availability of cheap personalised number plates UK residents are able to afford it and it’s now not only reserved to the rich and famous. If you are new to the world of personalised plates, you might not know a lot yet. Here’s some true facts you should know and later, you’ll get some tips on where to buy yours.

True Facts about Personalised Number Plates

One of the priciest number plates sold in the UK is the “25 O.” This government-owned registration plate is purchased by John Collins, a Ferrari dealer, in 2014. Want to know how much he paid for this number plate? It’s £518,000 and he’ll be putting it on his £10 million Ferrari.

This purchase knocked down the previous record holder of the priciest personalised number plate to number two, and it’s the “F 1” which was purchased by Afzal Khan. This Bradford businessman purchased the said vanity plate in 2008 at the value of £440,000.

On the other hand, everybody in the UK thought that “25 C” would be sold at a high price as well considering that it belongs to the most desirable registration plates you can place on your car. However, it was only sold at £27,944.

Now, you may be thinking of not purchasing or even looking at privates plates for sale. Again, you don’t have to be rich or famous to get your vehicle a number plate. You can easily find cheap personalised number plates if you know where to look. With the abundance of online number plate shops like, you will be able to choose from an array of their own stock or registrations plates owned by their clients.

Looking for cheap personalised number plates UK doesn’t have to be a big challenge now that you have many choices. The good thing about getting yours from a credible online number plate provider is that it’s a hassle-free process and you can choose from numerous letter and number combinations. Get yours today!