Personalised Number Plates Cheapest Gift Ideas – What To Consider

December 14th, 2015

Personalised Number Plates Cheapest

There are a number of things you should consider when looking for personalised number plates cheapest gift ideas. You need to ensure that the number plate is going to be suitable for the recipient, and thus there are a few things you must carefully think about. Continue reading to discover the top things to consider before you place your order.

1. Older Vehicles

Some restrictions apply regarding the registration plates that you can use. This usually depends on the age of the vehicle. Therefore, where the registration numbers have age identifiers and suffix numbers, it is only possible to use the number in question on vehicles that are of the same age or newer. Therefore, you need to understand current style, prefix, and suffix registrations before placing an order for number plates. If you are not sure, you can ask experts on what private plates for sale you should be looking at.

2. Requirements for Vehicles

To personalise the registration number as a gift, you need to ensure that the vehicle is of the right age, and is registered (or about to be registered) in the United Kingdom in the nominee’s name. You will also need to have SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) during the application period, and a GVT (Goods Vehicle Test) or MOT certificate.

3. Names

When buying personalised number plates, you will be required to provide your personal details. This way, you will be recorded as the person who bought the registration number. On the other hand, however, if the vehicle is not registered in your own name, you should give the owner’s name as the Nominee.

In conclusion, personalised number plates cheapest gift ideas are well worth considering. Different service providers charge different rates. In most cases, however, the price given is non-negotiable. Today, the typical price usually starts at around £250 (which includes the company and VAT fees). So, use this as a guide next time you are shopping around for the right private plates for sale.

Private Plates for Sale UK – The Perfect Gift You’ll Find And Can Give To A Family, Friend Or Special Someone

November 6th, 2015

Private Plates For Sale UK

In the UK, it’s very easy to tell how old a car is by looking at its number plate. Even fairly young children are aware of an age of a car from this fact alone. To conceal the age of a car and make it more personal, you should consider looking at private plates for sale UK. These also make the perfect gift for a family member, a friend, or even a special someone. Here are some reasons that makes it the best gift you can give.

Something Personal

A normal number plate means nothing to the person, however a private plate can be much more personal. Depending on the price you are prepared to pay, you can get plates which have their job, initials or anything else about their life that they want to share. This means that it’s a very personal gift which you can put a lot of thought into.

Don’t Have To Be Expensive

When most people think about private plates for sale, they instantly assume that they are very expensive. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case. The DVLA and various auction sites offer cheap personalised number plates for sale too. You just have to take into account to stick within your budget. You can even get help from an online shop selling number plates for recommendations.

It’s A Gift They Can Treasure Forever

Unlike a regular number plate which stays with the vehicle, a personalised plate can stay with the person. This means that whenever the person changes their car, they can easily transfer this plate onto their new vehicle. For this reason, a private number plate is a gift which will last forever.

Concealing Age

Another nice thing about personal plates is that they make it much more difficult to identify the age of a car. This means that people will find it much more difficult to gauge the age of a car at first glance. This can be used to hide the fact that you have a new car, or second hand vehicles.

By searching for private plates for sale UK and giving them as a gift, it’s the perfect way to give a memorable present to someone dear to you, either a friend, special someone or family. Spend some time searching carefully to find the very best private plate which means something to the person you’re buying it for.

The Most Expensive Private Number Plates UK For Sale

September 21st, 2015

Private Number Plates UK For Sale
Private number plates UK for sale are getting cheaper by the year, with plates now available for a small double figure sum. This has made them affordable to all. However, over the years we have seen number plates sold at extortionate rates, and in this post we are going to take a look at five of the most expensive.

5. ‘M 1’ – The plate ‘M 1’ was purchased in 2006 for the sum of £331,000. Mike McCoomb, a mobile phone businessman, bought it. However, the most shocking thing is that he claimed the plate was for his son, who was six years old at the time.

4. ‘1 D’ – A lot of people look for private plates for sale as a tribute to their favourite pop bands and musicians, and we just hope that Warwickshire-based Lebanese businessman, Nabil Bishara, is a fan of One Direction, as he bought the plate a year before they formed for £352,000.

3. ‘S 1’ – The stories keep getting more fascinating as we dig deeper into some of the most expensive number plates. ‘S 1’ was bought by an anonymous bidder in 2008 for £404,000 and it is claimed to be Scotland’s first ever number plate. What’s more surprising is that the bidder claimed he would be fixing the plate to an old Skoda.

2. ‘F 1’ – Bradford businessman, Afzal Khan, bought the initials of Formula 1 for his private plate in 2008, which were then fixed to his McLaren-Mercedes SLR. This set Khan back £440,000.

1. ’25 O’ – Taking the top stop is ‘25 O’, a plate that was purchased last year by John Collins, a Ferrari dealer. It is believed that the plate has been assigned to a Ferrari 250SWB that used to be owned by Eric Clapton and is now worth approximately £10m.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sell your house to afford the private number plates UK for sale today, as there is something for all budgets, but it’s certainly fascinating to discover what the most valuable plates are.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying The Cheapest Personal Number Plates

September 21st, 2015

Cheapest Personal Number Plates

If you are looking for the cheapest personal number plates, you are in luck, as plates are not as pricey as they once were. You can now own a personalised plate for as little as £50. However, you still need to approach the purchasing process carefully to ensure you end up with the perfect plate for you. Here are the dos and don’ts:

• Don’t place a personalised plate on a Q plate – If you have a Q plate, unfortunately, there is no point looking for private plates for sale. If you have a tax exempt status, you must abide by the special regulations that are in place by the DVLA, and thus you cannot place a personalised plate over the top of a car with a Q prefix.

• Do stick with your budget – It is vital to recognise that there are number plates to suit all budgets nowadays. You may have to compromise slightly on your plate style, yet you will find something within your price range.

• No more fees – As of 9 March 2015 – all fees related to adding / amending a nominee for all personalised licence plates have been revoked.

• Do pick a style that fits with you or your car’s personality – When searching for cheap personalised number plates, it is important to find something you are going to love just as much in ten years time as you do now.

• Don’t limit your options – If you have one perfect personalised plate idea in mind, you’re likely to be disappointed. A single owner has the option of renewing the plate for as long as they like, so you could find yourself waiting for a long time.

To conclude, these are the five dos and don’ts you should consider when it comes to searching for the cheapest personal number plates. Follow these tips and the purchasing process should be a lot easier.

Cheap Personalised Number Plates UK – True Facts You Have To Know

September 15th, 2015

Cheap Personalised Number Plates UKIn the UK, placing personalised number plates in vehicles is now a common thing to do. With the widespread availability of cheap personalised number plates UK residents are able to afford it and it’s now not only reserved to the rich and famous. If you are new to the world of personalised plates, you might not know a lot yet. Here’s some true facts you should know and later, you’ll get some tips on where to buy yours.

True Facts about Personalised Number Plates

One of the priciest number plates sold in the UK is the “25 O.” This government-owned registration plate is purchased by John Collins, a Ferrari dealer, in 2014. Want to know how much he paid for this number plate? It’s £518,000 and he’ll be putting it on his £10 million Ferrari.

This purchase knocked down the previous record holder of the priciest personalised number plate to number two, and it’s the “F 1” which was purchased by Afzal Khan. This Bradford businessman purchased the said vanity plate in 2008 at the value of £440,000.

On the other hand, everybody in the UK thought that “25 C” would be sold at a high price as well considering that it belongs to the most desirable registration plates you can place on your car. However, it was only sold at £27,944.

Now, you may be thinking of not purchasing or even looking at privates plates for sale. Again, you don’t have to be rich or famous to get your vehicle a number plate. You can easily find cheap personalised number plates if you know where to look. With the abundance of online number plate shops like, you will be able to choose from an array of their own stock or registrations plates owned by their clients.

Looking for cheap personalised number plates UK doesn’t have to be a big challenge now that you have many choices. The good thing about getting yours from a credible online number plate provider is that it’s a hassle-free process and you can choose from numerous letter and number combinations. Get yours today!

Private Car Plates For Sale: What To Remember If You’re Interested In Selling Your Car Plate

June 30th, 2015

Private Car PlatesBuying and selling personalised number plates is considered as a lucrative business by many. As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom estimated the industry to be worth £2.3billion in 2012. In November 2014, one of the record-breaking private car plates for sale deal was recorded at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency auction where the private plate ’25 O’ was sold for a whooping £518,000. The owner probably didn’t expected it could be sold at that high amount, but still it’s good news.

How to Sell Your Personalised Car Plates

If you are one of the many people interested in selling personalised number plates, you are in the right place! The extensive nature of the market for personalised car plates guarantee you a ready and willing pool of buyers. However, you must be careful to get the best pricing for your number plate. The first step is to ensure you get an objective valuation for your personalised plate. This will inform you how much you can expect from its sale. The valuation may differ based on the service you use but it should be realistic and within the allowed range based on prices of similar plates.

To speed up your sales and get the best deals, consider using companies specialising in selling plates. The good thing about these companies or sites is that you can just fill up a valuation request and they’ll be in- charge of selling it.

Things to be Aware of When Using Online Car Plate Shop Services

One thing to note when you use an online car plate shop is if they’re reputable in terms of offering assistance to customers with private plates for sale. You only want to do transactions with a trustworthy company. You may want to be informed on possible administration fees as well as contractual and transfer charges. Their pricing structure should not undermine the real value of your car plate. Their market should be extensive enough to give your listed number plates the maximum exposure it needs to find a buyer.

If you have private car plates for sale therefore, you need not worry about how to make good of your investment because there are lots of options available. The important thing is to understand the value of your product and the best avenue to maximise your returns.

Surefire Tips To Find The Best Private Car Number Plates For Sale

May 27th, 2015


Private Car Number Plates For Sale

The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency issue millions of number plates to citizens who applied the registration of their vehicles. Personalised or private number plates are approved by the agency as long as it doesn’t contain words recognised as offensive. Most people are interested of applying for a new registration while others are more into the idea of looking at private car number plates for sale to purchase.

As these plates are often regarded as a statement of individuality or an investment, its popularity continues to grow not just in UK but around the world. However, finding the desired number plate can be a challenging task. To save yourself from such a challenge, keep reading.

Avoid auctions and advertisements
Most people think that buying directly from the private sellers is a sure-shot way of getting cheap personalised number plates. However, in reality, most of these private sellers are unaware of the true value of their plates and thus you end-up overpaying for the plates. Although in rare instances you might get a great deal, there are better ways to get personalised plates at a cheaper price.

Buy through dealers
If you want best value for your money, it’s better to directly access online dealers who offer private plates for sale. These dealers allow you to search among several personalised plates for the exact number plate you desire. Even if the plate you want is unavailable, these sites will suggest you a few different options. Therefore, interested customers can get their plates at affordable prices through online shops selling private car number plates.

More Affordable Options
As a car owner looking to get the best private number plate at the most affordable price, it’s wise to step outside of the box and think creatively about the messages you want to display on your number plate. Several times people choose to display their pet’s name or their zodiac sign on their customised number plates. However, the final decision depends on how much money you are ready to spend on these private registration plates.

There’s a time when having a personalised number plate was considered a luxury that only a few rich and famous persons could afford. However, now it has all changed and they are much more attainable. If you want to display distinctive digits and letters on your car’s number plate, the tips given above will surely help you in acquiring the best number plate from the many private car number plates for sale.

Cheap Personalised Plates Now Offer Better Prices And Broader Selections

May 26th, 2015


Cheap Personalised Plate

For most people, owning a car with personalised plates is a cherished privilege. In a world characterised by drab faceless systems, standing apart as an individual is a something many people are more than willing to pay a little extra to have. Typically, personalised plates don’t come cheap, but buying cheap personalised plates is now an option.

Thanks to the presence of numerous websites offering to sell personalised number plates, this unique category of plates is now more affordable than ever. This means that drivers can hide the age of their cars or advertise their names, address, age, or anything they like using their plates without having to spend too much. These personalised plates are now available from as low as £50, although the price could reach several thousand pounds depending on the uniqueness of the plate. However, therein lies the greatest benefit to buying these plates – what the seller may consider less unique, and therefore, less valuable, may be the perfect plate from the buyer’s viewpoint.

Buying cheap personalised number plates no longer means having to contend with a strongly limited choice of plates. If the selection of cheap personalised plates on the Internet is anything to go by, this category of personalised plates may very well be the rule, rather than the exception. There are literally dozens of cheap personal plates to choose from, and many sellers even have a search feature that allows buyers to find specific plate number combinations from their extensive list of cheap plates. Essentially, this means that the buyer is likely to find specific plate they want, regardless of the fact that they are working with a limited budget.


Buying cheap personalised plates is now a convenient way to infuse individuality into a car’s number plates. For prices starting from well under one hundred pounds, car owners can now get personalised plates at a price they can afford. Equally important is the fact that there is a very broad selection of cheap personalised plates.

Cheapest Personalised Number Plates

April 11th, 2015

It’s Easier Than You Think to Get the Cheapest Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates are a great way give your personal vehicle a unique touch or to associate your company vehicles with the business. The process for getting your own number plate is pretty straightforward, but if want the cheapest personalised number plates then you need to take a little more time in your search for a dealer.


Cheapest Personalised Number Plates

Cheapest Personalised Number Plates


When you purchase a number plate for yourself or your business, the right to that specific plate combination is yours exclusively for a set number of years, which is renewable upon expiration. This means that you will be able to assign that plate to any vehicle you own over the time you own the rights, even if you switch vehicles during this time. There is a process for changing the vehicle without getting new number plates, but it is easy to manage and will allow you to keep your personalised plate in use while you own the rights to it.


Number plates can be purchased either through official DVLA outlets, such as the online registration or the plate auction, or they can be purchased from an individual dealer or motorist. Private plates for sale can be found through various websites and dealers that specialise in sales between individuals. When you own the rights to a number plate, you can sell those rights to anyone else who would be willing to buy them if you no longer care to use the plates for yourself. Private sales can often give you a good deal on your purchase, helping you save a little extra money on the endeavour.

Private Plates For Sale – Personal Numbers

March 2nd, 2015

Invest In Unique Private Plates For Sale

The idea of buying private plates for sale is something that has been around for a long time. Private number plates that are in high demand have been sold at eye-opening prices. However, does the exclusive nature of these plates make them a wise investment? Continue reading to find out more on how to buy one.


Private Plates For Sale

STU 427S – Private Plates For Sale

The most important consideration to think about prior to buying a private number plate is the name. The personalised number plates are priced differently depending on letter combinations or numbers. These plates say something about a car owner. It could depict something you like or something that you represent for instance. Consider your objective or reason for acquiring the plate if you have one.

Once you have settled on how you want your private number plate to look, you can go ahead and determine the amount of money you are willing to spend to acquire a unique one. By failing to set a budget, you could easily overspend. After determining your budget and some of the possible letter and number combinations, shop around and find out their prices. This way, you will make a sound buying decision. For individuals on a tight budget, it helps to look for bargains. Participating in auctions is yet another excellent way of buying your cheap personalised number plates.

In some instances, people seeking private plates for sale do so because they are enthusiasts. If you are thinking about purchasing one for investment purposes, then it helps to look for a trustworthy number plate dealer. Monitor the trends closely as well as the fluctuating values. These simple guidelines will undoubtedly make it easier for you to acquire your preferred number plates.